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Valentine Gifts and "Let's Do The Time Warp Again!" Hot Chocolate

There is a lot happening right now: Valentines, Lunar New Year and Hot Chocolate! Check out some Valentine news from vancitybuzz. 

Year of the Monkey:  Available in red, gold and marbled and filled with a banana-coconut ganache. 

This year's Vancouver Hot Chocolate Festival is almost here and runs from January 16th through February 14th. Four Weeks. Four Different Flavours. Each week has a different cinematic theme. 

This week is: February 6-14: "Let's Do The Time Warp Again!", inspired by the Rocky Horror Picture Show it's a rocky road hot chocolate complete with marshmallows and nuts...and of course Frankenfurter's red (chocolate) lips. We can make this lactose-free, too!

If you missed our Darth Vader Hot Chocolate - ask us, we might still be able to do some chocolate magic to produce one for you. 


Be sure to check out our Valentine's Day creations as well as chocolate monkeys for Chinese New Year.


Today's Gelati: chocolate rocky road, mocha, coconut, mocha, and pistachio

Today's Sorbet: blueberry



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