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Artisan Chocolates on Vancouver's Westside

Looking for chocolate heaven? We are excited to introduce Lost & Found our new chocolate bar made with Pure Nacional Fortunato No. 4 chocolate, the world's rarest chocolate. This wondrous fine chocolate is known for its luscious chocolate flavour with fruit and nutty notes and lack of bitterness. 95% of the cacao trees were lost in 1916 due to disease and was found in 2007 in the Marañón River Valley in Peru. Discover this unique chocolate pleasure with a bar of Lost & Found. Read our press releaseA big thank you goes to Vancouver-based Brandever who fuelled with this luxurious chocolate worked their branding and design magic.

New this week:

     Pecan Pie: caramel, toasted pecans & sea salt in milk chocolate

     Calamyrna Figs filled with chocolate ganache

Sugar-Free Bark with unsweetened coconut, and with roasted hazelnuts & pecans.

Award-winning Gem Chocolates is locally-owned and locally-operated on Vancouver's Westside in the Kerrisdale neighbourhood.

An ethical chocolate shop, we use organic, fair trade, Rainforest Alliance-certified in our chocolates and confections. As an artisan shop, we make small batches using fresh, and as many local ingredients as possible. Select from our award-winning chocolates and our many new creations - every week we have something new! Natural flavours abound - nothing artificial, and preservative-free. Come and tantalize your tastebuds with our chocolate creations

Vegan? We also have vegan dark chocolate truffles made with coconut oil flavoured with natural lime or cherry. We also make a variety of vegan-friendly and Parve products, from dark chocolate bars (with and without inclusions) to candied fruits dipped in chocolate...and sorbetto, too!  

Recent video for the University of British Columbia's Sauder School of Business e101 Sales Series at https://vimeo.com/107627873 


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