2015 Hot Chocolate Festival - Four Creative Flavours at Gem!

For this year's festival, we're making four creative hot chocolates, one to be served each week of the festival that runs January 17 - February 14. In addition to all drinking hot chocolate, customers can win prizes! 
Social Media Photo Contest:
Regardless of flavour, all drinks are guaranteed to be deliciously photogenic, and in that light, festival goers are invited to enter photos of their drinks to an online contest that could earn the lucky winner a set of gift certificates from all participating vendors. It's a $500+ value and a great way to extend the Festival throughout the year. 
Photo Contest: http://www.cityfood.com/hotchocolate/online-photo-contest    
Charity Partner:
For the festival-goer's dollars, all drinks will come with extra goodies that reflect each shop's culinary specialty. For the second year, profits from Festival sales will be donated to The PHS Community Services program for Downtown Eastside women's employment and job skills training programs (as run by East Van Roasters.) 
2015 Funds Recipient:  http://www.cityfood.com/hotchocolate/our-2014-funds-recipient
Walking Map:
This year we will again be providing a walking map to the neighbourhoods where our vendors are located.  Visit the website for a downloadable PDF, or a list where the large format printed versions may be picked up.  (Available January 17, 2015.)