We believe chocolate should draw you in visually as much as explode with natural, bold and pure flavour. Choices range from traditional chocolates to modern adventurous flavours and pairings. Seasonal selections are available in the shop and may not be pictured. We use Valrhona chocolate in all our chocolate creations.

We routinely add new creations and switch up our seasonal chocolates in our collection, so come us to see what is new!  We periodically refresh designs, so designs may change...it's the artist in us!

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Our current seasonal offerings - subject to availability as we make small batches:

Haskap Local Haskap Berries are the star Seasonal
Praline Ground hazelnut
Figaro Cocoa nibs in dark ganache
Gold Rush Cocoa nibs, cherry and ginger
Strawberry Valrhona Inspiration strawberry ganache
  Macadamia Volcanic explosion of flavour with a Hawaiian macadamia nut in chocolate ganache sold out
BBT Brown butter & thyme caramel
Dulce de leche South American-inspired caramel & chocolate
Yuzu Yuzu lemon ganache
Manuka New Zealand's Manuka honey & dried cherries
Lakrids Hallon Licorice and raspberry  
Olive Oil Olive oil & rosemary caramel
Black Sesame Toasted black sesame caramel, Silver Medal at Canadian National Competition 2017  
4 Berries Strawberry, raspberry, blueberry and blackberry
Rosie Rosemary caramel

PB Squares

Organic peanut butter blended with chocolate - a perennial favourite
Passion fruit Mango Caramel Tropical...tangy, yet sweet caramel
Lavender Love BC blackberry & lavender dark ganache
  JB Caramel


Inspired by one of our customers, JB; we introduce our lime caramel with a chili kick. 


Berry Blue

BC blueberry in milk chocolate ganache - a customer perennial favourite!

Pepper Spray

Ghost chili caramel - perfect for hot chili lovers!

Caramel Crème

Award-winning caramel with a salty attitude

Raspberry BC raspberry dark ganache
Pecan Pie

Toasted pecan, caramel and sea salt...just like a mini pecan pie! 


Japanese matcha green tea and black sesame ganache 

Espresso Better than mocha: rich espresso in dark ganache