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We make our chocolates by hand with the freshest ingredients possible. No preservatives, additives or artificial flavourings are used. Because we use fresh ingredients and no preservatives, we recommend eating your chocolates within 30 days - though most people don't find this difficult once they taste their first gem. Keep your chocolates in a cool, dry place (ideally a cupboard, not the refrigerator). Chocolate is sensitive to temperature changes cool to warm to cool, etc. and will adversely impact the condition.

Shipping Policy

Customer satisfaction is a priority with us. We want our chocolates to arrive in the same condition as they leave our shop. Orders are shipped out within 24 hours of receipt of payment confirmation, however, we don't ship on Fridays to avoid chocolates sitting in shipping warehouses over the weekend. 

We ship using Canada Post's Expedited Parcel delivery services. Once your order is processed, we will confirm completion by email with the Canada Post tracking number. Please contact us with any special delivery instructions. We do not use "safe drop" instructions to avoid packaging being mishandled at the door. 

Shipping information is the responsibility of the customer, so please ensure that the information is complete (including a telephone number) and accurate to ensure successful and timely delivery. 

Cancellation / Order Changes

If you cancel or change your order prior to it being shipped, there is a 3% processing fee to cover the point-of-sale processing fees (charged to us by Shopify) for your purchase and the refund. 

During the hot summer months (July through mid-September), we unfortunately cannot guarantee safe arrival to destinations with hot climates so do not process orders during that time period. We recommend waiting until autumn when temperatures are cooler to place your order. If possible, order online for pick-up at the shop so your purchases are waiting for you. Any shipping during the summer is at the purchaser's risk given we cannot guarantee safe arrival.

Refund Policy

We take special care in making our products and shipping them. If you have an issue with your purchased product, please contact us. We will refund purchases if it is due to the handling within our control, and proof of purchase (receipt) is required to confirm age of the product.