2022 Great Vancouver Hot Chocolate Festival

This year's festival runs January 15 - February 14, although we only participate through February 10th as the Valentine's Day shopping rush begins on February 11th. 

Our three featured drinks this year are:

Jan 15-22: Harpie Shamrock: mint & orange in milk chocolate, and served with an orange and mint biscotti.

Jan 24-Feb 2: Brazilian Bombshell: spiced dulce de leche in milk chocolate, accompanied by a tropical vanilla bean and coconut shortbread cookie.

Feb 3-10: Hopped Up Jalepeño: lime & chili in dark chocolate, served with a lime sugar cookie. 

Any of the three drinks can be made with oat milk, at an extra charge of $0.75.

Each drink is served with a custom treats from our neighbour Sweet e's Delicious Desserts where you will be able to bags of those same treats just across the street from our shop!

We will be following strict Covid-19 protocols, which naturally include mandatory mask for any customer you enters our shop. If you have a mask exemption, you can order and pay online at www.gemchocolates.ca and let us know when you arrive to pick-up your drink. We will bring your drink outside to you.

If you bring your own mug, please make sure it is clean as we will not be washing or rinsing used mugs. We will make your drink and pour it into your mug at the service counter. Otherwise, we will be using bio-degradable paper cups at an extra charge of $0.25 (following the recent City of Vancouver By-law on paper cup usage, effective January 1, 2022).

For more information on the festival:

Greater Vancouver Hot Chocolate Festival 
Instagram: @hotchocolatefest
General hashtag #hotchocolatefest