Hot Chocolate Vancouver

Given the pandemic and observing all the community health restrictions and conditions, our annual hot chocolate creations will be sold for take-out only. They will be available from our shop from January 16th through February 10th (the early end date allows us to help our Valentine's Day rush). 

We will be serving two creations, each over a set time period:

1. "Can U Yuzu?" - available January 16th through 29th

Let us introduce you to Valrhona's Inspiration Yuzu chocolate made with freeze-dried yuzu lemons. It is blended with fragrant ground cardamom, a great blend of fragrance to sweet lemony goodness. This creations pairs with a homemade cardamom shortbread cookie dipped in chocolate.

2. "Hot Strawberry Daiquiri" (non-alcoholic) - available January 30th through February 10th

Our take on one of summer's favourites: the strawberry daiquiri. This hot drink features Valrhona's Inspiration Strawberry chocolate (made with freeze-dried strawberries) plus lime for some inner summer warmth and tanginess. Each creation comes with a homemade lime shortbread cookie dipped in chocolate.